The Life-Changing Tragedies That No One Is Talking About

Popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are actively shutting down these groups and removing their posts -- all under the banner of "stopping the spread of misinformation".

Since early 2021, a conspiracy of silence has been taking place. Tens of thousands have been experiencing adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines, and have been unable to receive the help they need.  Big Tech, the Mainstream Media, the government, and even the medical community have been censoring the free flow of information.

Popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have been actively shutting down these groups and removing their posts -- all under the banner of "stopping the spread of misinformation". YouTube actively takes down videos flagged as misinformation, and automatically places a "context banner" underneath the ones they haven't removed yet. Mainstream news channels on television simply do not report COVID-19 vaccine injuries  -- try searching for them yourself, and you'll come up empty-handed.

For example, Facebook openly writes about its misinformation policy in its community guidelines, clearly stating that it is in an ongoing partnership with the CDC, WHO, and other governmental organizations relevant to the medical community:

We remove content that repeats other false health information, primarily about vaccines, that are widely debunked by leading health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The goal of this policy is to combat misinformation about vaccinations and diseases, which if believed directly contribute to imminent vaccine refusals. The claims we have applied this to include:

  • Claims about the safety or serious side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, including:
    • Claims that COVID-19 vaccines kill or seriously harm people, which we define as leading to any of the following harmful side effects [including death]
    • Claims that the COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe for children
    • Claims that the COVID-19 vaccines kill or seriously harm children

It makes no difference whether you are "pro-vaccine" or "anti-vaccine" or have no opinion whatsoever. There are people who have taken the vaccine and are hurting right now, and when they try to communicate their experience, social media removes them. When they look for help or when others try to find out about this issue, their Internet searches come up empty or the results they seek are buried. When they try to talk to medical professionals about their issues, they are met with confused looks and shrugs, or outright disbelief and indifference.

Maybe you think that they deserve what happened to them because they took the vaccine -- that doesn’t matter to them. Maybe you think "that's too bad" but the vaccines are "safe enough" and nobody you know has been having a problem -- that doesn’t matter to them either.

All these people are asking is to be heard -- to not be silenced, to not be censored, and to not be labeled as communicating misinformation simply by telling their story -- and to have this issue taken seriously. This censorship is keeping the general public from being informed about this issue and making it next to impossible to get answers. They are also asking the medical community and the government to take them seriously and to step up: to acknowledge the injuries, to do clinical studies to learn why this happened and work toward a solution for the problems they are experiencing, and to provide treatment for the injured.

They want to be able to ask questions in order to get answers. They want (and need) solutions for these life-altering problems -- problems which arose from simply doing what they were led to believe was the right thing to do, and from what the media has been promoting, and from what governments, employers, and institutions have been mandating: taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

We are asking you to be aware that this censorship is taking place. The number of injured are growing every day, as are the number of people calling for our voices to be heard.

Let’s not compound an already difficult situation by blocking the injured from getting help or from even being able to openly discuss their injuries.

Let’s take a stand against censorship and demand that these platforms stop restricting the free flow of thought, ideas and discussion.

When they limit what ideas are allowed to be put out in the public square, they are controlling what we are able to see and it influences our thoughts -- yes, "thought control" -- and limits our ability to learn and make educated decisions. When that happens, our world will become a dystopian nightmare worse than any of us could imagine. But there is hope, and that hope is in the citizens of this world taking a stand.

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